Table t Statistics

Table t Statistics In statistics, there is a normal distribution table that is used to help determine hypotheses. The type of distribution table to use depends on the test statistic to be used. So, for example, if you want to use the F test statistic, what is used is the distribution table F or also known as table f. Similarly, T table is used if you want to use T test statistics.

What is Table T?

T table is the type of distribution table that is used when using the T test statistic as a comparison. The function of this table is to determine the hypothesis. The use of this t test is very varied. Can be used in paired or unpaired study objects. If in arithmetical statistics, calculations can be done easily through self-calculation, it is different from test statistics. The test statistic requires a distribution table. Well, this distribution table also depends on what kind of test statistic will be used.
you can also use the formula Ms. Excel, namely:
=tinv(error rate, degree of freedom)

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