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The opening sentence of this book is "Probability theory is a part of mathematics which is useful in discovering and investigating the regular features of random events." However, even in the not very remote past this sentence would not have been found acceptable (or by any means evident) either by mathematicians or by researchers applying probability theory. It was not until the twenties and thirties of our century that the very nature of probability theory as a branch of mathematics and the relation between the concept of "probability" and that of "frequency" of random events was thoroughly clarified. The reader will find in Section 1.3 an extensive (although, certainly, not exhaustive) list of names of researchers whose contributions to the field of basic concepts of proba- bility theory are important. However, the foremost importance of Laplace's Théorie Analytique des Probabilités, von Mises' Wahrscheinlich- keit, Statistik und Wahrheit, and Kolmogorov's Grundbegriffe der Wahr- scheinlichkeitsrechnung should be stressed. With each of these three works, a new period in the history of probability theory was begun. In addition, the work of Steinhaus' school of independent functions contributed greatly to the clarification of fundamental concepts of probability theory.

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