One Variable Linear Equation

One Variable Linear Equation is an open mathematical sentence with one variable.

The general form of a one-variable linear equation is ah+b=ch+d, where h is the variable, a, b, c and d are real numbers. As a real example, there is water in 1/2 part of a bowl that will be filled with 100 ml will become 2/3 parts of water in a bowl, this sentence when written in mathematical form becomes 1/2 m + 100 = 2/3 m, with a value m unit ml. From the real example above, the equation obtained is called a one-variable linear equation, which means an equation whose variable is to the power of 1 and only has one variable. To solve this is very easy, the method is: find the variable term on the left and find the constant on the right, then easily get the value of the variable. The moving term will change the + sign to - and vice versa. As an example, in the above equation 1/2 m+100=2/3m, we move 2/3m and 100 to: 1/2m-2/3m=-100 -1/4m=-100 m=400 So, the capacity of the bowl is 400 ml. 

Thus a short post about one-variable linear equations. Bye and thank you.

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