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How to quickly find quadratic results number two digits

In the posting this time explains how fast looking for find quadratic results number two digits. Earlier we've definitely know how to conventional search for a result quadratic of a number two digits. But different in a manner that the following. Here is a formula essentially:
$(ab)^2=a^2 \quad a(b)(2) \quad b^2$
Where $a$ and $b$ are the original number.
Now Look at this example well!
Example 1:
$13^2=1^2 \quad 1(3)(2) \quad 3^2$ $=169$
Example 2:
$27^2=2^2 \quad 2(7)(2) \quad 7^2$ $=4 \quad 28 \quad 49$
Remember the summation technique with the way down, than:
$= 4 \quad (28+4=32) \quad 9$
$=4+3 \quad 2 \quad 9$
So, $27^2=729$
Example 3:
$87^2=64,112,49$ $=64,116,9=7569$
So, $87^2=7569$
Example 4:
$79^2=49,126,81$ $=49,134,1=6241$
So, $79^2=6241$
Ok friends, thank you for your hobby you guys with math, to see you and good luck.